6 main things to know before hiring an SEO Company

SEO has its importance and benefits in the modern day life. If you are even remotely using the internet, you the value of SEO and how it affects the information that people learn. Moreover, if you are an owner of a start-up or an entrepreneur, you definitely ought to learn about how SEO company works and how SEO affects the website traffic. The more traffic you have to your website, the more positive results you ought to get.

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Once you have learnt about SEO, you are automatically directed to the next question – Who and How? Both the questions would be answered appropriately if consulted by experts like Samanvi Technologies. The advantage is that they have expertise that have worked in the same area for years and can point you to the right direction.
Obviously, you have a zillion experts in the market who are capable of handling what you require in regards to SEO for you company, so how do you actually make-up your mind on whom to choose?

Know You Guy

First things first, always learn about the SEO Company before choosing. There are various options to do this. You can check their ranking as well as ratings through internet and talk to them over the telephone. Internet gives you a wider perspective of how they work as an SEO company. Talking to them on the other hand would give you confidence that they are available and always ready to communicate.

Detailed Proposal

Once you get talking to the companies, ask them a complete description of the proposal of how they plan to SEO optimize your website. You must always probe into further questions where you do not understand the terminology or procedure. It is pertinent to know the road map of your journey as that is how you would know and keep a close tab on your destination.

Research about SEO

After you have the information from the SEO organizations, try to compare them with the information available on the internet. Try to learn as much as you can about the procedures. That way you will understand the trends of SEO as well. Going in for a detailed research about SEO will also help you in asking the right questions. Any SEO company will not be able to fool you as you would have a fair idea about the stuff.


Enquire regarding a detailed budget as well as the achievable results including the amount to be invested every month. Make sure you enquire about the investment in case the results are not as effective as you were promised. This kind of questioning will help you understand the ROI (rate of investment) and this would definitely give you an insight on which SEO company to proceed with. Remember, this is your money spent for your company. Be accurate!

Communication with SEO company

At times, getting in touch with your people becomes a great pain. Hence, be clear when it comes to their communication methods. Understand timings and modes so you can contact them whenever there is a need. Hire a company that is available through all communication medium such as call, instant messaging, Skype, emails, video call, and others. Do not hire any company that restricts any mode of communication.

Guarantee to rank

It is important to ask this question as no one can guarantee the ranking. You can give a pass to the companies that say ‘Yes’ directly to this question. It means that they are only wanting you to hire them for your money and not for producing actual results for you. On the contrary, if a company details you about the information regarding the SEO procedures, their results and analysis, then it means that they are the ones who would give the right results.


As mentioned earlier, there are many companies in the market who are SEO experts but it is your duty to find the ones who would suit you. Every company has uniqueness to SEO optimization but you need to find the one that fits well as per your budget and requirement. One such company is Samanvi Technologies which has some great reviews.

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