10 great ways to boost traffic without Backlinks

Whatever you plan to achieve online with a website and digital marketing is ultimately leading to one single goal – increase traffic to your website. All digital bloggers or marketers strive towards this goal including all the latest trends and techniques in the most organised manner.
So, if you are a newbie to this techno-buzz or if you are tired to posting backlinks to your existing website in a hope to increase traffic, just follow the below techniques to become a pro-like.
Obviously, backlinks are like a no-argue mantra to have a great ranking. This is an undeniable fact. Nevertheless, this post is to educate you about a few other ways which may help increase traffic to your website.

Getting viral traffic: It’s not that, only Backlinks can do

The first question you may ask here is – is it even possible to get a better ranking in the search engine pages without backlinks? The answer to that question is most definitely YES! Backlinks are not the only factor that determines a person’s visit to your website. Again, please do not misunderstand – Backlinks are definitely a great method BUT they are not the only ones. One thing that gives most determining effect on the search engines is how optimized content is included in the website. This is the reason why people are always looking for quality in their content.

The traffic in the websites could be generally categorized into two types:

Referral Traffic
Organic Traffic

Backlinks strategy is more often associated with directing more of referral traffic towards websites. Hence, the prime factor in case of link building strategy is Authority.
Ideally not all the methods that exist now may be a good choice to use. An experienced and top-notched web-marketer would know which method would reap the maximum benefits at any given time.
Here are a few ways to increase Traffic Other than Backlinks

Rich Snippets
Generally when you search for anything online and you get the results, you definitely scan through the rich snippet information before opening the websites that come up.
Rich snippet is a very common tool offered to highlight your webpage content’s synopsis to the visitors on the search engines. If you have never paid attention to this detail, this might be a good time to start experimenting. Rich snippet is all about giving a little glance to the visitor from outside to what you have in the store for them. So make it interesting and appealing and not to mention relevant. If you are a WordPress user, then its rich snippet plugin helps you wisely.

The range of information that you can showcase on the rich snippets can be anything from images, reviews, ratings to statements.
Silo Structure
Another great technique which gives an encouraging contribution towards directing more traffic to your website is through ‘Siloing’ your website. Siloing or using Silo structure for your website basically means regrouping your related website pages structurally or building it as well as passing internal links amongst the pages which are relevant.
Visitors who want to read content that are related to the search that they made in the search engine fill this kind of grouped information many useful. This tool also helps in cases where the client does not put exactly the information they want but something related to it. Silo structure automatically groups the information accordingly. Siloing helps in boosting the page ranking as it generates more relevancy signals.

Anything that you choose to execute on your website needs a proper plan. All the techniques are not singularly result oriented. They need to be followed and redone. Slight modifications would be required based on the results. Hence, planning your way through the SEO and scheduling are very important. This would save you from topic cluster or strategy disaster. All things should be scheduled even the most minute ones like topics for posts on Facebook etc.
Not only planning ahead but making sure that you are ready with the right resources is another important requirement. Generally, they best method would be to prepare for at least 90 days ahead. This would give your ample time to understand the trends and results and would give you enough space to make any changes if required.
Sharing your plans with your colleagues and business associates is also important. This would give everyone an insight of the kind of accomplishments you choose for your organization. Also, make sure that the chart is being seriously followed and rescheduling is not a common doing.
Choosing Right
It is not important to choose a topic that is common. Familiarity does not increase traffic towards your website. Always remember.
The important thing to remember is to choose anything that may or may not be familiar to all but is always looked for. The content in such should be as unique as possible. Even if you are writing about something that is very common, write things that are more unique and exceptional.
Pick you Posts
You will be amazed to know that there are different kinds of bloggers with various ideals and goals. They keep coming with various tricks and keep changing the blogging trends everyday. Keeping up with it is rather one style of blogging. Nevertheless, improvising on those is yet a better method to make sure your unique contents are reaching the right audience.

Blog posting is hence very important. Competition is fierce and you have to stay on top to reach the top. You have to come up with immense techniques to keep the interest of your audience alive.

Apt title for your posts and blogs is something to definitely consider. Offcourse, you have to make sure that the contents are definitely relevant and lively. Presentation matters. Writing style is also something you should consider to improvise in your contents based on the topic. Keep the flow going.

Make sure you are using numbers for your lists and hence showcase a clear sketch about your page. Don’t miss to mention your title with that list number. It means a lot. This way increases your organic search traffic.
For example, this article is titled with the number ’10 great ways to boost traffic without Backlinks’ which
Detailed Keyword Research
Keywords point to your website with the contents. They are basically one-word descriptions of your entire website.
An in-depth study of the keywords will help your understand what and how your customers think when they are online. With that kind of research, you would know what to include in your website so that you have the right filtered audience who are actually meaningful for your business as well as for who your business would actually mean something. This would increase your conversion ration and as keep your customers loyal.
Hence, before you even begin designing the contents of your website, spend a great deal of time to choose your keywords carefully. Keyword research is the basis to prepare you for any further SEO modules like content marketing, analytics, social media and further.
There are generally two categoes of keywords
Long tail keywords include basically the entire list of all the precise keywords which your customer looks for online. You can omit the main keyword if required. People also use all query kind of keyword for searching online. This is also included here.
For Example, instead of pitching” kid’s fashion”, target Kid’s double layer frocks under 2 years”.
Competition keyword is another category of keywords running in the low competition. They also bring huge success as it increases the click rate by ratio target focussed users. This type of winning is a known global fact.

For example, instead of pitching “boys’ fashion” target “shoes for boys under twelve years.” eventually, the search volume will also be low.
Content Marketing
It’s a well known fact that, ‘Content is the king’. The best trick is to master the content and make it as unique as possible. Engaging the customers to your website is very important and you have keep a tab that you do not disappoint your visitors.
So, how do you achieve this? By simply reading more and more! The more you read, the more you understand your audience. Hence, your writing skills will improve tremendously. Make it a point to read a wide range of information like blogs, articles, feeds as well as books. This would filter the idea of the kind of audience you want to target. Just remember that content marketing is not a immediately affective procedure. It takes time, but nevertheless the results are splendid in the long run.
Content marketing depends heavily on quality and relevancy of your information that you provide on your website. As a webmaster, always pay attention to engage your visitors successfully.
Visual content
Using great visual contents of various styles boosts your traffic to an unimaginable level. Infographics are becoming viral with elusive effect. They always get more attention regular text. Pictures speak a thousand words.
There are many articles and people who teach you how to use infographics for increasing your trafficand hence increase your search ranking. For example, Neil Patel. Using images even on social media gives even more pleasing results.
Latest News
A never-die rule for bringing more traffic to your website is to include latest trends and news in your content. For example, if it’s a business website, a great recommendation would be include “News” section on primary menu itself. It changes the outlook of your audience completely.
In case of blogs and posts, discuss the most recent topics for your audience. This way they would love to know what’s next on your agenda and would look forward to learning through you as well. This boosts loyalty to your website. The more regular you are with this kind of stuff, the more easy it becomes for you to attract and captivate your audience.
Local SEO
Any web developer can concentrate on Local SEO. It is the simplest technique for you to get acquainted in your neighbourhood. For business selling products or service, it is a major step for you to connect to the local network and hence would bring more business to you. Using tools like rich snippet for this purpose would give drastic results and you would be open to a comparatively larger audience.

Backlinks are definitely going to help you drive traffic. Nevertheless, the above 10 mantras can help you boost the results further. Again, please be aware that this might not happen in a day or two. All the techniques require a little time to show the right results. But they are definitely a win in the long run.
Content, pictures as well as presentation matter a great deal to your customer and, thus to your website ranking. If you pay more concentration towards them, the traffic would definitely be more towards your website.

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